A New Start

When you enter the ocean side Wyndham Deerfield Resort where our program is held, you get a sense of excitement about a new environment, new skills to learn, new people, even if you have been to a health spa before. What you will notice over your stay is how easy and comfortable and relaxed you quickly become. Before long you will be craving healthy smoothies instead of sugary candy bars, looking forward to fun exercise, and longing for the yoga sessions to stretch it all out again. If you enter with an open mind, you leave with a new outlook on health & well-being – especially if you have participated in our Biggest Winner Program.

Stressed Out?

If you’re feeling worn out from the stresses of your daily routine and need an escape, then a trip to Balance For Life Wellness Retreat could be just what the doctor ordered. More than just a simple time out, our retreat is designed to address any number of specific ailments with tailored programs focused on healing certain kinds of diseases that are lifestyle related, weight loss, stress reduction and anti-ageing to mention just a few. Even if you are pretty healthy, you are sure to leave rejuvenated.

So what are you waiting for? At Balance for Life Retreat you are sure to find something to suit your wellness needs.