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Traveling Safely to a Surfside Resort near Pompano Beach – We are a beautiful retreat near Pompano Beach

Traveling Safely to a Surfside Resort near Pompano Beach – We are a beautiful retreat near Pompano Beach

As restrictions put in place to protect us all from the spread of Covid-19 begin to ease, you may be thinking of planning that Florida wellness vacation you’ve been dreaming of. 

Whether you are interested in a vegetarian weight loss plan at our Florida beachfront retreat because of the pounds you’ve put on while sheltering-at-home or a fitness retreat, there are ways to protect your health and safety while you travel. 

Flying to Florida 

You may be surprised to learn that the Mayo Clinic says, “Because of how air circulates and is filtered on airplanes, most viruses don’t spread easily on flights.” The challenge with flying is, of course, dealing with crowds. 

We’ve all seen those photos on social media of packed planes. The airline execs have also seen them – as well as our reaction to them. Most major airlines have implemented safety protocols regarding seating on flights and making it mandatory for all passengers and flight crew to wear a face mask. 

If you board a plane and find it is too crowded for your comfort or that adequate safety measures are not being implemented, in most cases, you will be allowed to get off the plane and will be eligible to receive a refund. 

In addition to safety on the airplane, itself, you’ll want to be prepared for other areas where you could potentially encounter crowds or find social distancing hard to maintain, from the long lines going through security to the cramped confines of most concourse convenience stores. 

You’ll be happy to know that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has responded to the threat of Covid-19 and the concerns of travelers by implementing increased cleaning and disinfecting of the equipment and surfaces you find at screening checkpoints. 

If you are contemplating your first flight since the novel coronavirus swept the globe, you can expect to see new TSA policies in action, including:

  • Face masks and gloves being worn by TSA agents.
  • If a TSA agent needs to pat you down, they will be doing so with a fresh pair of gloves on.
  • Those plastic shields that you’ve gotten used to seeing at the grocery store will also be in evidence at various places, such as where you show your ID, offer your carry-on bags up for examination.

If you have questions about local restrictions that will be in place here in Florida during your wellness vacation, please contact us

Celebrate Father’s Day with a Vegetarian Barbecue

Celebrate Father’s Day with a Vegetarian Barbecue

Holiday weekends usually aren’t the best time to start a weight loss retreat.  First of all, you might feel like you’re missing out on all the festivities if you’re on any kind of health retreat. Secondly, food always seems to figure largely in our holiday celebrations – and it is usually not exactly the healthiest food. 

We will be celebrating our dads on Sunday, June 21 this year. And, thanks to the ongoing concerns regarding the novel coronavirus, many of us will probably be looking for ways to celebrate that will allow us to keep Dad and all the other older members of the family safe. 

There are many families that usually celebrate Father’s Day with a backyard barbecue. This year, not only would a backyard gathering be in keeping with the holiday’s traditions, it might also be your best bet when it comes to protecting your family’s health.

Planning a Happy – and Healthy – Father’s Day

According to the CDC’s guidelines, the lowest risk of getting Covid-19 comes with virtual gatherings, like a Zoom call. If you want to get together in the real world, the safest best they say are small outdoor gatherings in which individuals from different households remain spaced at least 6 feet apart. They also recommend that everyone: 

  • Wear cloth face coverings
  • Do not share objects or food
  • Come from the same local area (in other words, it’s not a good idea to invite Aunt Jane who lives three hours away to join you.)

Another way to make your Father’s Day barbecue a healthy celebration is by making sure there are plenty of vegetarian options on the menu. Some great ideas include: 

  • Veggie kebabs
  • Potatoes on the grill
  • Portabella burgers
  • Black bean burgers
  • Pasta salad
  • Potato salad
  • Corn on the Cob
  • And, for dessert, grilled fruit!

And, when all the healthy Father’s Day festivities are over, instead of a weight loss retreat, you might want to open your mind to the possibilities of a holistic health retreat in Florida!

Benefits of Water Fasting for Fighting Cancer

Benefits of Water Fasting for Fighting Cancer

Dr. Frank Sabatino and Chris Wark from Chris Beat Cancer discuss the benefits of water fasting for fighting cancer.

Dr. Frank Sabatino is the past Health Director of the Shangri-La Natural Hygiene Institute in Bonita Springs, FL, the Regency Health Resort and Spa in Hallandale, FL, and Health Director-Owner of Ocean Jade Retreat in Lauderdale by the Sea, FL. During this time, he cared for, lectured, and inspired thousands of people over the past 40 years. He is currently a contributor and special guest host of the Balance for Life Retreat Program in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Balance for Life Retreat is a vegan lifestyle education center specializing in plant-based vegan nutrition, health rejuvenation, stress management, and therapeutic fasting and detoxification.

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