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3 12, 2017

Breaking the Fast

2017-12-03T10:28:04+00:00 December 3rd, 2017|

The re-feeding period after fasting is crucial for the success of the fasting experience. In fasting centers, a common recommendation by supervising physicians is that the faster take half the time of the fast to ease back into eating. So if you fast 7 days, you should take another 3-4 days to break the fast. [...]

20 11, 2017

Introduction to Water-only Fasting

2017-11-20T14:15:19+00:00 November 20th, 2017|

By definition, water-only fasting means the abstinence from all food and liquids, except water, for some extended period of time. I myself have fasted thousands of people over the past 40 years for a wide variety of health concerns. Now I can appreciate that in our culture of gluttony and overeating, the idea of voluntarily [...]