Juice Cleanse Retreat – Health Detox Program

Find out more about the Juice Cleansing Option that Balance for Life offers.

Juice Cleanse Retreat

Let the Healing Process Begin!

Let the healing process begin at our beautiful oceanfront retreat and kickstart your healthy lifestyle goals with a nutritious, organic juice cleanse.

Our juice cleanse involves individuals consuming only juices from vegetables and fruits in an attempt to lose weight and detoxify the body. This cleanse restricts certain food groups and calories, allowing the body to direct less energy towards digestion and more energy detoxing and restoring the body.

Balance for Life programs are designed to meet the unique needs of the individual.  Your juice cleanse ranges from 3 to 21 days.

    Juice cleansing has many benefits

    Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals. Drinking juices could introduce nutrients that are necessary to boost overall health.

    Juices are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds that may boost the immune system and help a person feel more energetic.

    Giving the digestive system a break allows for the body to direct energy that is usually involved with digestion to clean up and restore the body.

    Juices could help improve digestion by introducing healthy enzymes that make the gut work more efficiently.

    Feel Good Friday

    Your Juice Cleanse Retreat Includes:

    • Wellness Assessment 
    • Daily Green Juice
    • Pure Sources of Drinking Water
    • Holistic Health Coaching
    • Health Education
    • Fitness Programs
    • Emotional Support 
    • Information about wellness tools that you can use in your day to day life to promote Balance for Life

      An Incredible Wellness Experience

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      Pamela Mills
      Pamela Mills
      I attended Balance for Life Retreat Feb 2024 and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. I chose the plant based sos diet. The food was more than plentiful and good, not exceptional, given it lacked the salt, oil, and sugar that we are all used to eating. The daily lectures by Dr. Sabatino were excellent and full of useful information. The experts brought in for supplemental education, yoga, water aerobics, and massages were top notch. The real beauty of the program is that you can do it at a pace that is right and comfortable for you. There is absolutely no pressure to attend any of the offerings. This is not a hard core boot camp. It is a jumpstart to reboot yourself, get back on track, and learn a healthier way to eat and live. I lost five lbs. in one week at the retreat, and have lost another three at home so far. The best accolades go to Terry who organizes everything and is there to provide 24/7 service to all the participants. Thank you Terry for making it a great week! Oh, one last thing...there are no highfalutin people there. No one wears makeup, not even Terry!
      Jennifer Suarez
      Jennifer Suarez
      I recently attended the Balance for Life Juice Cleanse Retreat and it was a life-changing experience! The workshop left me feeling healthier and more energized than ever before. The coordinator/PM, Terry, and Dr. Frank were incredibly supportive and provided valuable guidance throughout the workshop. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to improve their health and well-being. Take the opportunity to recharge and heal - you’ll be surprised at how significantly improved your skin looks, how much more efficient your digestion works, and even how much more radiant your hair shines.
      Louise Silver
      Louise Silver
      Regardless of where you are, The Balance for Life Retreat is well worth the cost and effort to get to Deerfield Beach, Fla. Once you arrive you are checked in to the beautiful, award winning, Wyndom Beach Hotel located across the street from the ocean. Then you are greeted by Terry, who is always available and so very helpful throughout your stay. Dr. Sabatino is a brilliant educator, really able to drive the evidence based information on plant-based lifestyle and health and longevity across at daily one hour seminars. This retreat offers a week of learning, movement activities like yoga and water aerobics in a heated pool and three plant based meals a day, all salt, oil and sugar free. My reason for going was to reboot myself, since I had started to eat more sugary, oily vegan foods lately. The retreat certainly met my goal . A bonus was meeting so many other people attending who were at different stages in the plant based journey. This is a retreat you can easily enjoy as a single participant but more affordable if you share a room. Either way, I strongly encourage you to enjoy and learn at this unique retreat in sunny Florida.
      Allison Bush
      Allison Bush
      Balance for Life exceeded my expectations. I water faster for 7 days losing 1+pounds per day. But weight loss wasn’t my goal. My goal was to neuro-adapt my taste buds, and it worked. I no longer crave sugary, fatty, salty nutritionally empty foods. I waited a week to write this to make sure those cravings were truly gone. It’s nothing short of amazing! Dr Frank is a wealth of information and a great teacher. His presentations are entertaining which helps you remember the lecture materials. He’ll take the time to answer all your questions too. Terry is supportive and super helpful from signing you up for the program, information on the program and how to get to the Wyndham. She’s with you every day encouraging and even joining you in yoga!! The location is also beautiful. You cannot beat that beach only a few steps from the hotel. I thought this program sounded expensive when I signed up but it was worth every penny. If you are thinking about attending but not sure? Please just do it, you won’t be sorry!! Allison
      Steve Smith
      Steve Smith
      This is at least my 6th visit to Balance for Life. The program is caring - compassionate - flexible - and responsive. The 2 back to back "weeks" I just had there were among the most meaningful of my life. Truly! This last visit I was even more impacted than others. Keep up the wonderful transformative work.
      Jodi Stangler
      Jodi Stangler
      Just ended a 9 day retreat with juice fast here. If you are looking to reboot n a beautiful setting on the beach, this is a fabulous place to do it. The daily educational classes from Dr Sabatino, yoga, coaching, and overall support provids tools to lose weight, manage stress, and improve overall health.
      Pamela Smith
      Pamela Smith
      Balance of life review My experience at this program was excellent and I must write at five stars in every way. The beautiful beach facing hotel is comfortable, clean, pleasant, efficient, accommodating, and very well run. The program schedule was well designed and very well thought out. My individual needs were addressed and met. This remarkable program not only taught the highly researched reasons why a plant-based diet is beneficial to humans: it taught ways the diet could be In reasonablely incorporated into the clients lives, gave very clear guidelines on what foods to eat, and what foods not to eat, ideas,.It taught via lectures how food was to be prepared And it gave ideas on recipes and foods to be purchased. Being highly educated, the Director was able to be as technical and scientific in answering questions as needed by his clients. I not only lost more than 8 pounds ; now feel great at the end, but my insatiable desire for mindless, eating junk food , hog in sugars oils snd salts, non-nutritious food and valueless food , with meats and processed food just simply vanished. My appetite was reduced to a very reasonable level. Plus the retreat included opportunities for Pilates yoga meditation, essential oil, understanding, and water exercise. Such was very helpful to increase and self-care. I am sure that this program is a very beneficial to people from many backgrounds but , specifically, for me, a bit overweight, 71 year old, but very happy woman found it fundamentally life-changing, pointing me in a direction for much better ways to eat. I truly feel that it has not only happened to the improve the quality of my life, but will extend my life’s lenght. as I learn to incorporate these principles into my daily life,. I truely recommend it … Pam Smith of Park City
      Angela Oliver-Burgess
      Angela Oliver-Burgess
      I highly recommend a Balance for Life Retreat to begin a new journey in self awareness, revitalization, renewal and overall improvement of health and well-being. I am forever grateful for the expertise and guidance from Dr. Frank and the loving support of Terry.
      Nathalie Gruet
      Nathalie Gruet
      My time at Balance for Life was well needed. I came in hope of learning more about nutrition and chronic inflammation. Not only did I learn a lot, I was inspired by Dr. Sabatino and Sharon. They went beyond expectation, with kindness and patience to meet my needs and to make my experience memorable. I did the plant based program. The food was delicious and plenty. I was never hungry. The exercise program was great. I felt relaxed, energized and empowered when I left. Thank you so much to the team and the guests speakers. I highly recommend Balance For Life!
      Robin Wittich
      Robin Wittich
      I spent the week with my 85+ year old aunt at Balance for life. I chose the vegan food program -after all this was a vacation! After the first day all I could think of was how was I going to incorporate all this into my lifestyle. I weighed in and by Friday I could not remember the last time I ate 3 meals a day and BIG meals no less. All I could think of was how delicious everything was-vegan? No salt, oil or sugar? I must have gained weight -well to my surprise I lost s few pounds, felt amazing and have incorporated everything I learned into my active lifestyle. I have lost weight, feel great and give myself grace knowing I am a work in progress. Thank you to Dr Frank for all your teachings and to Sharon who made us like we were the only guests there and being the glue that keeps it all running smoothly ❤️

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      Juice Cleanse Retreat – Health Detox Program

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      I wanted to thank you for your exceptional knowledge used to assist me in my case. I was fascinated at your ability to cover so much ground as regards to conditions like blood pressure. Thank you for your help! God watch over & bless you!

      Ocean waves

      Vivien J.

      Best way to start the year!! I really wanted to recharge, detox my mind and body from the last months and I was delighted to experience exactly that at the Wyndham Deerfield with the Balance for Life program.
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      Shot of the beach

      Irene T.

      Balance for Life is a great program if you need more than a beach, like me. My husband and I were impressed with the results - lost weight within 4 days, learned how to improve our health from Dr. Drucker.
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