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Mental Wellness Retreat Florida

Mental Wellness Retreat Florida

Here at Balance for Life Wellness Retreats, we strive to help you stay on top of your health with our vegan retreats, juice cleanses and fasting retreats. But we want you to make health and wellness a priority even when you can’t be with us enjoying a healthy beach vacation.

There are many things you can do at home that are simple and easy to accomplish but bring tremendous health benefits.

Tips for Staying Healthy at Home

Sometimes you need a boost or a little help getting focused and motivated, but wellness shouldn’t be a priority only when you are on a cleansing retreat. There are simple steps you can take to make wellness part of your every day routine. 

  • Water is your friend.

People forget that drinking water is always important, especially during hot summer months. It helps your body with waste removal and blood circulation, improves your skin elasticity, and more. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAM) suggests around 15.5 cups or 3.7 liters of fluids for men and about 11.5 cups or 2.7 liters of fluids a day for women.


  • Eat seasonal fruits and veggies.

If you eat fruits and veggies in the season when they grow, you’ll get more taste and more nutrition. Summer favorites include cherries, corn, watermelon and tomatoes.


  • Support your immune system.

Zinc and vitamins C and D are well-known immune boosters. These days, we all want our immune systems in good working order, so be sure to include foods containing these important vitamins and minerals in your diet, and of course, get outdoors more, while the weather allows, to get vitamin D from the sun.


  • Take time to chill.

Meditation, smelling essential oils, drinking herbal tea after taking a soothing bath – all of these can benefit your health by helping you relax. In other words, take some time for yourself to stay healthy.

If you would like to give your wellness journey a jump start, contact us for more information about our ocean retreats

Fasting and Thriving

7-Day Holistic Fasting Retreat

by Certified Health Coach: Liliana Pinzon
Embark on a transformative retreat experience designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

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