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Wellness Retreats provides you healthy shelter from the fast-paced lifestyles that allow you to recharge and rejuvenate yourself. At Balance For life, our main goal is to transform your lifestyle and our specialist and educators provide you with the latest health information.
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How to Plan the Ultimate Detox Holiday

How to Plan the Ultimate Detox Holiday

Every once in a while it is important to pause, reset and reconnect with yourself and nature. Taking time out to focus on your health or simply relax is known to benefit your overall health and increase your productivity. A detox holiday gives you the best of both worlds, a relaxing vacation as well as a health check.

It can be hard to take a complete break when you’re in the usual setting of your home, which is why people are increasingly turning to a detox holiday. It is the best way to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle, unwind and prioritize your wellness.

Read on to know the importance of a detox holiday and how you can plan one for yourself.

What Is a Detox Holiday and Why You Should Plan One?

Every day our body is exposed to various external and internal toxins. If left unchecked, these toxins can damage our organs, contributing to illnesses. Detoxification is the process of eliminating these toxins and cleansing the body from the inside which results in a healthier physical and mental state. Our body has a unique ability to detoxify itself, but nowadays, due to pollution, stress, and poor lifestyle choices, this ability gets compromised, resulting in both physical and mental health problems.

A detox holiday is a wellness getaway that helps you move away from your regular life and indulge in healthy food and activities. It gives your body’s natural detoxification process a helping hand. Your body is replenished with a diet rich in essential nutrients and vitamins, giving it a much-needed break from the over-processed, fatty and sugary foods. There are various types of detox retreats varying from cutting out meat, wheat, sugar, and dairy to living only off of pure, fresh-made juices or plain water.

A detox holiday can present a series of life-changing benefits. It can be the fastest remedy for many of your health concerns. It can kick-start weight loss, renew energy levels, and boost your immune system, further giving you a fresh start and motivation for change when you get back.

Steps to Plan the Ultimate Detox Holiday

1.   Set Your Goals

The first step in executing a detox holiday is setting a precise and attainable goal. Have a clear sight of what you would like to achieve. Start by asking yourself about the major problems that you want to address in your lifestyle. Consider your short and long-term goals regarding any issues plaguing you. Jot down modest health goals that can help you with these issues and be accomplished over the holiday.

Think about what you would like to explore and why. Do you want to focus on your mental health? Are you looking to work towards attaining a healthy inner balance? Or do you simply want to reconnect with nature? After setting your goals, you can think of preferable methods to reach your set goal like yoga, diet plan, western spa, or a combination of all.

2.   Find Out How Much Time You Need

Once you have decided on your goals, a dedicated time window will help you prioritize them and fit in as many important things as you can in the holiday period. Consider your needs, budget, and holiday restraints.

On average, the most recommended duration is of minimum 7-10 days. This might depend on the techniques and diets you are planning to rely on to achieve your goals. Different techniques and diets have different time requirements. It can also further depends on the severity of your problems. A more severe problem can extend the detox by several days or even weeks.

3.   Partner With a Wellness Professional

Find a wellness professional who understands your body and commits to your vision. Look for trusted professionals who have a wide experience and expertise in helping people achieve their personal detox goals.

A wellness professional can offer you a personalized program that works well for your body. You can closely work with them to figure out the diets and exercises or yoga to integrate on your holiday. The expert will prepare a wellness chart for you including special dietary preparations based on your body type, lifestyle, age, health condition, and primary wellness goal.

Having someone who is committed to their mission and truly believes in the science of detoxification can be very empowering. Usually, detox retreat programs like the ones offered by Balance For Life, are medically supervised by wellness experts and include pre-planned meals and activities tailored for you.

4.   Find a Relaxing Place for the Holiday

Look for retreats and wellness centers that fit your vision. When the surroundings are right, they reinforce and act in synergistic ways to help you achieve your goals. Watch videos on YouTube, read blogs and testimonials about other people’s experiences to zero in on your ideal detox holiday destination. This will also give you a fair idea of what to expect.

Once you have an establishment in mind, check out its website to know their booking prices and the services they have to offer. Set up a call to discuss and book your stay.

5.   Outline Your Daily Agenda.

Outlining your daily agenda will help you check all the goals you’re planning to achieve through the detox holiday. Include a healthy mix of holistic activities like yoga, meditation, light exercises, soft adventures like hiking, treks, or location-based tours, rejuvenating spa treatments, etc. in it. The activities can vary depending on your holiday destination.

The wellness chart created by your healthcare professional will also play an important role in your choice of activities. You need to make sure that the activities are not detrimental to your body. If your diet is going to be light with low-calorie meals, it’s best not to indulge in intense activities that require a lot of energy. It’s always good to consult your wellness professional before adding such activities to your agenda.

6.   Plan Your Meals

Detox meal plans usually comprise water fasts, juice fasts, plant-based meals, or a macrobiotic diet. Make sure your holiday destination has a restaurant or meal service that provides meals adhering to your chosen diet. You can enquire with the manager of the establishment to know these details. Check out the available menu and decide on the meals you would like to have during your stay.

You also need to be mindful of portion sizes. Just because you are doing a detox doesn’t mean you can binge on healthy foods. Sticking to the meal portions suggested by your wellness professional is the key to avoiding overeating. This way you can also sample a wide range of dishes available.

how to plan a detox holiday

7.   Prepare for the Detox Holiday

A few weeks prior to your detox holiday, start changing your diet in preparation, to avoid putting your body in “shock” or “detox crash”. Clean up your diet by cutting down on alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, refined sugars, carbonated drinks, and saturated fats.

Prepare your body by including more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, and nuts in your diet. Keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water, juices, and herbal drinks to aid your detox transformation. The sooner your body can adapt to these changes, the easier it will be for you to maximize your detox process. Avoid over-exercising or doing anything that will put your body under stress. Instead, complement light exercises with yoga and meditation.

8.   Journal Your Experiences and Plan For the Future

Carry a journal with you to make a note of what worked and did not work for you during the holiday. A detox retreat shouldn’t be a one-off event but rather a start to a much healthier lifestyle that is physically, mentally, and nutritionally fulfilling.

Keep a tab on online resources and books providing insightful information, tips, individual experiences, and advice. Develop a fitness plan with small but achievable goals for healthy habits along with a wholesome natural diet post the detox process. Stick to this plan and make adjustments wherever needed to ensure that the benefits gained from the detox retreat aren’t lost.

Start Planning Your Ultimate Detox Holiday

It’s essential to get away from the daily stress and break your routine to relax and recharge. A detox vacation focuses not only on cleansing your body but also on rejuvenating your mind and soul.

Planning your detox holiday beforehand is crucial to make the most out of it and gain the best results in a short time. If you don’t have enough time to plan a detox holiday of your own, you can discover our selection of detox retreats or contact our wellness experts to decide on the right program for you. Thereafter all you need to do is come and enjoy our plant-based SOS and beach getaway. You will have the best experts on hand to monitor and guide you throughout the process and resources to help you with your post-detox journey.

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Change Your Life Change Your Genes

Change Your Life Change Your Genes

Change Your Life, Change Your Genes

The Epigenetic Benefits of a Hygienic Lifestyle

Genes are the functional units of heredity comprised of spiraling sequences of DNA. According to the Human Genome Project, there are 20-25,000 genes contained in the chromosomes of every cell in the human body. Genes provide the blueprint that transcribes all the proteins that are necessary for the function of all body cells and systems as well as all of the traits of our physical and psychological identity.

Unfortunately, many people sell themselves short by feeling completely defined, limited and even imprisoned by the deck of genetic cards they were dealt at birth. So that you often hear people exclaim that because their parents or grandparents had diabetes, or heart disease or some form of cancer, etc. they would likely develop the same problems. Even worse is when people discover that they have some genetic construct, like BRCA genes in women that may predispose them to the development of breast cancer, that makes them feel like they have no choice but to opt for some medical intervention that can compromise their health or be coerced to surrender their vital body parts to surgical mutilation for fear of what “may” happen.


You Can Help Change Your Genetic Blueprint!

It is so important to realize that you do not have to feel handicapped by your trans-generational genetic hand-me-downs. Burgeoning research in the study of epigenetic effects strongly suggests that outside environmental factors and lifestyle choices can modify gene expression without changing the hardwired inherited sequence of DNA nucleotides that make up your genes. This provides a remarkable opportunity for hopeful positive change and is an exquisite example of how modern scientific observation of the integral sublime function of the body connects with and reinforces the profound ancient wisdom of Natural Hygiene.

Routine, healthy lifestyle choices, especially plant-based nutrition, stress management techniques and physical activity can dramatically alter how genes function and may reduce the deterioration and morbidity from heart disease, cancer, immune disorders, and depression while even slowing down the aging process. Conversely, risky lifestyle choices can ultimately promote similar disease and breakdown in different people regardless of their genetic backgrounds. An example of this is the growing pandemics of obesity, heart disease, colon and reproductive cancers in Japan, China and other parts of Asia that did not exist when the Asian populations were eating more of their ancestral plant-based diets. However as they continue to saturate their diets with more animal protein, saturated fat, dairy products and refined sugar similar to people in the US and other western nations, they continue to develop the same devastating chronic diseases as these western nations regardless of their obvious genetic differences from non- Asians living in the West.

Your genetic blueprint can predispose you to any number of positive and negative conditions and changes. But what you choose to do, and the environment that you create on a routine basis in your life, goes a long way to determining how your genetic background expresses itself and whether any of your negative predispositions become concrete outcomes.

You must know that you don’t have to drown in your own gene pool. It is so important to realize and embrace the power of personal choice. It is so important to free yourself from the genetic constraints and fears that may dominate your concerns and realize that your genetic foundation is a shimmering tapestry capable of profound modification and change.

Simple constructive lifestyle choices of plant-based nutrition, consistent exercise, and activities that promote psychological poise and stress management dramatically promote healthy gene expression and reduce the devastating causes and effects of disease and aging.

By Dr. Frank Sabatino

Benefits of Alternative Health Retreats: Detox, Unplug and Optimize; Experience Spiritual Rehab

Benefits of Alternative Health Retreats: Detox, Unplug and Optimize; Experience Spiritual Rehab

Long Lasting Benefits; Experience Spiritual Rehab

Going on a wellness retreat at Balance for Life Florida for health improvement, weight loss or detox holiday to proactively manage your health will pay huge dividends – you will be advised by the staff under Dr. Frank Sabatino and supported every step of the way. The information you accrue will help you make the necessary lifestyle changes when you arrive home. As in many life departments, a quick-fix solution is not the way forward and sensible, sustainable practical information will benefit you far more in the long run. Chronic stress can create many serious health problems and prevent you from living your best life. Without everyday demands and distractions, you will finally have time to do the activities that you have always wanted to do. Take a walk, have a massage, go to the beach, read a book, or meditate on the sandy beach at night while listening to the waves gently rolling on the shore. Simply getting away to a more peaceful atmosphere will reduce your stress levels exponentially and restore your physical and mental health.

Balance For Life Retreat

The Balance for Life Retreat offers many enjoyable activities including walks on the oceanfront boardwalk, fun exercise classes, health lectures, and spa services to knead out stress knots and tension you didn’t even know were there.

A retreat at Balance for Life in Florida offers you the chance to take some much needed time for yourself. It allows you to pamper yourself and heal your body with a massage, facial, other wellness treatments, sleep, and relaxation. You’ll feel completely supported and taken care of by our staff.

While You are Having the Time of Your Life, You Also Get to Feel Rejuvenated and Alive!

Make Your Wellness Reservation NOW!

There are many reasons to join in on a wellness retreat – the health and happiness benefits of taking time out for you, becoming more mindful, putting yourself in a new environment (and loving it), making new habits, reconnecting with yourself and most important of all YOU ARE WORTH IT. You deserve to feel good and to live a life you love!