Balance For Life Florida Top Rated – “Premier Wellness Retreats in Florida”

It’s a New Year and a great time to get healthy or continue your healthy journey. Florida has beautiful beaches, sunny skies and amazing health retreats available all over the state. Looking for wellness and a change in your lifestyle? These health and wellness centers are a great place to get started…. Read More


Ocean waves

Vivien J.

Best way to start the year!! I really wanted to recharge, detox my mind and body from the last months and I was delighted to experience exactly that at the Wyndham Deerfield with the Balance for Life program.
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Glass of water

Anna G.

My husband and I had just completed a week-long water & juice only fasting at Balance for Life. It was our first and we would definitely come back to this program next year or earlier.
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Irene T.

Balance for Life is a great program if you need more than a beach, like me. My husband and I were impressed with the results - lost weight within 4 days, learned how to improve our health from Dr. Drucker.
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I wanted to thank you for your exceptional knowledge used to assist me in my case. I was fascinated at your ability to cover so much ground as regards to conditions like blood pressure. Thank you for your help! God watch over & bless you!
Beach Cabana

Nadia A.

A great program aiming to help guests to reset the body with structured diet and fitness. Varied choices include water fasting retreat, juicing retreat or plant based diet retreat! The spa services are a great way to relax.
Sea waves

Trish R.

Had an amazing experience! Such a beautiful beachfront property with breathtaking views! Workshops were incredibly informative. Staff was fantastic! I’ll definitely be back!
Beach and Sun

Light Free

Wonderful experience. Once you enter the Wyndham hotel (beachfront) you are immediately greeted and told where to go. They make sure every guest gets an oceanfront room. Read Full Testimonial
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I would recommend this retreat to anyone- beautiful ocean, vegan meals and, peace of mind. Terry ensures all attendees have a 5* experience. Read Full Testimonial