Water-only Fasting: Two Case Studies

//Water-only Fasting: Two Case Studies

Water-only Fasting: Two Case Studies

Neurological Disease and Seizures

A young teacher from Canada came to me some years ago diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, aka Elephant Man’s disease. In this disease there are multiple small fibrous tumors (fibromas), along the nerve fibers throughout the body and brain.

One of her larger tumors was located at the base of the brain blocking the main blood supply to her brain. So she previously had a shunt surgically implanted to allow blood leaving her heart to by-pass this blockage and feed the brain directly.

This is important because objects that are foreign to the body, like shunts, implants, and replacement parts, can be rejected during a fast. And if her body rejected this shunt, there could be dire consequences.

Because of these small tumors, she had constant small epileptic like seizures that made her life unbearable. She was on high dosages of dilantin and phenobarbital to control the seizures. These drugs are hard on the liver and produce a toxic state in the body.

Although the intensity of the seizures was lessened by the drugs, the phenobarbital kept her in a semi-comatose state with no energy, so that when she came to me she had been bedridden for some time.

She was carried into my center so weak and fragile, and put in bed as if poured off a spoon. It broke my heart to see this young professional woman in her early 20s just a fading shadow of what she could be, what she should be. She had no affect, no smile, just a blank shell in a dormant state of non-being.

Drug Withdrawal and Preparation for the Fast

After a period of vegan nutrition and vegetable juices, to help her withdraw from phenobarbital, she was put on a fast that lasted 30 days. Again, please understand that the length of this fast was determined on per day-to-day basis, taking into account the reactions, physiological responses and vital signs that were monitored daily.

However, many people come in with a finite period of time to both fast, and break the fast. Fortunately, her mother and family were committed to the vegan lifestyle and clinical fasting. So we had the time to fast as long as clinically necessary.

During the fast, she became more and more coherent and energetic.

Fasting Results

During the fast, she became more and more coherent and energetic, even as the days of abstinence increased. Around the 25th day of the fast, her neurological system expressed a flurry of short frequent seizures related, in my opinion, to the previous patterning and exaggerated activity of her nervous system, and potentially tied in to a healing crisis.

In the midst of this crisis, consistent with an attempt to eliminate the toxic load on her body, after years of toxic medication and the assault on her liver, her belly button actually opened up and drained black bile from the abdominal wall.

The pigmentation changes in her skin were reduced and many of the fibrous tumors had been resorbed and were no longer evident to touch and palpation.

After an extensive period of re-feeding, I happily carried her around the property of the retreat until she got the energy to walk on her own. Her seizure activity was virtually non-existent, and she was drug free. It was an incredible feeling to see her living and loving life.

Systemic Arthritis, Inflammation and Pain

Many years ago, Buddy was a high powered stressed out attorney from New York. He ate a conventional diet loaded with excesses of animal protein, fat and refined sugar, and consumed a fair amount of alcohol and loads of coffee.

He started to develop some joint pain in his hands. He was not aware that his lifestyle and food choices were contributing to his discomfort, so he did what most people would do, he started taking some over the counter non-steroidal drugs like Aspirin and Tylenol.

While these drugs gave him some temporary relief, they were not addressing the cause of his problems. The joint pain got worse and started affecting other joints in his body. He became progressively more dysfunctional.

Taking his doctors advice, he began rounds of the anti-inflammatory steroid medication, prednisone. Again, since causes were being overlooked, and only symptoms were being treated, temporary relief gave way to more systemic joint damage and pain.

The systemic destruction and pain increased to such a degree, that Buddy ended up immobile in a wheelchair and was subjected to what was supposedly the “gold standard” of arthritic therapy at the time, the injection of gold salts.

He also showed very high levels of inflammatory markers, including C-reactive protein, sedimentation rate and even rheumatoid factor in his blood tests. At this point, he became aware of fasting and embarked on what became a 32-day fast. 

Fasting Care & Results

Again, please understand that the number of fast days is a day-to-day decision of the monitoring doctor in conjunction with the client, based on the extent of the underlying pathology, age of the person, past clinical and medication history and the daily reactions of the client.

Typically, as the weeks of fasting progress, the body can get somewhat weaker as energy, in a sense, is pulled from the outer muscular layers of the body into the internal core of the body, to promote even deeper internal work of healing and repair. And in his case, he had no choice but to maintain absolute bed rest.

But the body will always do all it can to promote increased elimination. In this case, Buddy had a panorama of skin lesions and discharges as part of his healing crisis. At one point, you could wipe gold salts from the medication he was given, off the surface of the skin.....

Thoughout the fast he had less and less pain and a remarkable improvement in his mobility. Coupled with these noticeable physical improvements, and an apparent reduction in his systemic inflammation, there was a dramatic reduction of all the inflammatory markers in his blood tests.

Following the fast and an extensive period of re-feeding and recovery, Buddy adopted a predominantly plant-based lifestyle. Even into his seventies, he never experienced significant joint pain again.

Yet there were times when the pressures of his life would drive him off track and he would go back to less supportive eating and lifestyle habits that would provoke joint pain again. However, at those times when he began to feel any joint soreness he would fast several days, get his eating and stress under control, and nip any irritation and inflammation in the bud. 

by Dr. Frank Sabatino

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