Wonderful experience. Once you enter the Wyndham hotel (beachfront) you are immediately greeted and told where to go. They make sure every guest gets an oceanfront room. Make sure you come at the correct checkin time because if you come early you might wait, but you’re waiting for the best room in the hotel so just book your flights accordingly. We did the water fast for 5 days and the speakers and participants were supportive, informative, and inspiring! Btw I thought we were going to get just bottled water for the water fast, but instead they gave us perfectly filtered water from a Berkey!! We did fun swimming aerobics in the morning, had our vitals checked by their amazing nurse, listened to the interactive speakers, optional yoga, then just enough free time not to be bored, also had an awesome massage in our room. There are many shops around and the beach is just stunning. We are contemplating coming back for either their juice fast or SOS diet retreat.

Balance for Life Guest
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