As we are gearing up for opening this summer, we often get questions about the Balance for Life ‘Weight Management Program.’ 

This is the Balance for Life Retreat Premiere Program! It is all-encompassing holistic health and wellness weight loss program specializing in body & mind integration and dedicated to helping each participant achieve their goals. In over 30 years of hosting wellness programs people have found tremendous benefit in helping health conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular problems and diabetes for example. So many adverse illnesses take a turn or the better when folks change their lifestyle according to the Balance for Life Retreat principles.

The ‘Weight Management Program’ is results-oriented and is designed for those who feel it is time to turn their health around and learn how to take care of their body in-depth. We use multiple methods to provide your body with everything it needs to heal on deep level and to immerse you into a natural lifestyle to gain health and lose weight.

We  are looking forward to seeing many of our previous guests return and of course the new friends we will make who will want these incredible benefits for themselves!


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