When most people think about wellness, they usually turn their focus inward. But the people, places and things you surround yourself with are also important to your wellbeing. That’s why we chose to base our holistic health retreats in Deerfield Beach, Florida. 

Deerfield Beach, which is located in southeast Florida, is an ideal wellness vacation destination! 

The city’s beach is beautiful and has been designated by the Clean Beach Council as a Blue Wave beach. The Blue Wave program is the first national environmental certification for beaches. To be certified, a beach must not only be clean, it must also be managed with a focus on both human and environmental health.

The Blue Wave Campaign, which established 22 criteria that are used in certifying beaches, aims to promote beaches that are managed to protect their natural assets as well as to assist in identifying the nation’s cleanest and safest beaches for vacationers. We feel the certification process is especially relevant for those seeking a wellness retreat! Among the qualities that helped the beach in Deerfield earn the prestigious designation were:  

  • the excellent water quality
  • beach conditions
  • safety services
  • public information and 
  • habitat conservation policies 


And unlike a day at the beach in South Beach or Fort Lauderdale, you can enjoy the beaches in Deerfield without being bothered by large crowds!  

A Florida Retreat in Deerfield Beach

In addition to its exceptional beach, Deerfield Beach offers attractive shopping and entertainment opportunities – including the longest “cable ski” courses in the nation, which is located at Quiet Waters Park. A hybrid of surfing, skiing and wakeboarding, cable skiing is rapidly growing in popularity, and you can try it at the park’s 2,700-foot oval course. 

Our health and fitness retreats are based at the oceanside Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort, where the guest rooms and suites boast panoramic views of the ocean or the city from floor-to-ceiling windows. When you’re not learning about the benefits of water fasting or a juice cleansing program, you’ll find yourself just footsteps from the white sands of that gorgeous beach as well as Deerfield’s famous fishing pier, and within an easy stroll of more than a dozen local sights, shops, restaurants, and outdoor adventures.