I would recommend this retreat to anyone- beautiful ocean, vegan meals and, peace of mind. Terry ensures all attendees have a 5* experience. My typical day was waking up, walking by the deerfield beach, taking a dip in the ocean and having date-fruit vegan pancakes outdoors- taking in the fresh air. After, an option yoga/meditation class was offered , and after that, an education session on health and wellness. Lunch-time was a large salad of chickpea, sweet potato and dressing. I would then nap, read, or put my sunglasses on and walk around the artsy beach shacks and nearby stores. Of course, ample trips to swim in the ocean. It is clean, very blue, and has a good upper-class crowd at Deerfield. I was surprised, as had not seen this kind of water in Miami, it was more similar to Bahamas. Finally we end the day with lovely Dr. Nan who diligently checks vitals, and ends with a deep-breathing/stretch class. She is a lovely human. If you need a refresh/reset to connect with your higher power- please make it over here.


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