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Therapeutic / Spa Services

Spa services soothe the soul – if you’re a seeker of balance in your life you need to add regular bodywork to your health regime. Combining soothing massage, reflexology, acupuncture, hot stone or other treatments is both invigorating and deeply relaxing. These treatments increase circulation, release fatty deposits under the skin’s surface and flush metabolic waste.

Escape to paradise – indulge in these ancient healing arts to balance physical and spiritual well-being. Treatments are done in your room or the beach by qualified and registered practitioners.

Massage is healing and relaxing at Balance for Life Retreat.

Services Menu

​Massage Treatments

(a) Swedish Massage (60 min)---------------------------------------$ 100

(b) Swedish plus Hot Stone Massage (75 min)--------------------$ 125

(c) Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage massage (90 min)--------$150

Chiropractic Care

Individual sessions-------------------------------------------------------$ 80

Nutritional/Lifestyle Counselling

Comprehensive Assessment and Home Program (60 min)-------$200

Smoking Cessation Program

5-day program includes 3 chiropractic sessions, 5 auriculotherapy sessions (microcurrent stimulation of neurological reflex points in the ear), nutritional and homeopathic support, relaxation/breathing technique---------------------------------$ 575

Personal Training

Resistance Training Fitness Session (60 min)----------------------$ 80

Migraine, Allergy, Chronic Fatigue Care

Personal Treatment Session--------------------------------$ 500

A complimentary consult with Dr. Gary Douglas is necessary prior to booking this treatment session to see if you are a suitable candidate.


A complimentary consult with Dr. David Suomela in order to ascertain if you can be helped with acupuncture in as few sessions as possible.