The Results Oriented Balance for Life Retreat Program

The Wellness Program Philosophy

The Balance for Life Program direction is based on the concept that wellness, as it relates to complete health and well-being, is a combination of different aspects of one’s life and social environment.

Wellness is more than nutrition, exercise, or the state of freedom of disease. It is a state of mind fused with dynamic self-empowerment and the pursuit of one’s life passions that enhance core health.

The Health Lectures

Just about every day we have an informative and entertaining lecture on many topics concerning relevant and helpful natural healing topics by one of our professionals and experts.

The Cuisine

Discover how mindful nutrition can positively affect your general well-being, enjoying dishes that taste as good as they are for your body, as well as insightful experiences that provide useful information and new tools, so that you can incorporate healthier eating habits into your daily routine back home.

Exercise Classes

A variety of fitness classes are offered daily, including yoga, mat Pilates, nature walks, low impact aerobics, and aquatic aerobics by quality certified instructors. There are classes for every age and body type on our program.

Body Work

Spa treatments such as various forms of massage and reflexology are offered in your room or on the beach by our certified personnel. Heavenly!

For those inspired to live healthy, the Balance for Life Retreat provides the best blend of healthy food, fitness options, spa treatments and wellness education to create the perfect program for you.

Our Balance for Life Retreats are all-inclusive, two to 7 night packages with deluxe accommodation, healthy, delicious cuisine, daily exercise classes, morning and afternoon wellness programs and plenty of time in between for guests to explore the beach area. Please check out our PACKAGE PRICING.

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