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Grand Opening!

A True Holistic Resort and Spa for Well-being, Fitness and Weight Loss!

The Fit for Life Retreat Programs

Are We Passionate About Wellness? You Bet!

The wonderful thing about a retreat at Balance for Life is that you are in an oasis of tranquility. As you have less concerns and anxieties, the retreat becomes your own universe and gives you a chance to experience yourself more mindfully and peacefully.

Anyone who wishes to improve their well-being, lose weight or just relax will find something here! Escaping the mundane responsibilities of everyday life with the Balance for Life Program allows you to recharge and rejuvenate, while promoting a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

The Celebration Continues

We Are a Unique Health and Fitness Retreat with a Holistic Approach

Give yourself the greatest gift possible and invest in your long-term health by making a visit to Balance for Life Retreat where you will find your personal path to wellness! We are a comprehensive health retreat right on the ocean, with spa services and health education focusing on long-term lifestyle change.

Our previous guests have seen DRAMATIC and remarkable results including reduced insulin dependency, a decrease in bad cholesterol levels, improved blood sugar, elimination of chronic pain and more! Many of our guests have also reduced or eliminated their dependency on prescription medication!

So many people have improved or resolved the following conditions with a whole plant-based diet:

Long term weight loss Pre-diabetes & Diabetes Hormonal imbalances
Sleep disorders Chronic pain and injuries Smoking cessation
Emotional eating disorders Anxiety & Depression Autoimmune problems
Cardiovascular problems Digestive issues & Many more!

The Balance for Life Program is Everything You Need for a Fresh Start

LET US NOURISH your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT through our nutritious food program, exercise classes, health lectures and spa services. And, we are located right on the beach for your enjoyment, comfort and pleasure!

Restore and maintain health and lose weight without feeling deprived. Relax and destress. It’s all here for you at Balance for Life Retreat.

Take the first step and make your reservation now!

Balance for Life Retreat All-inclusive Programs

Get a Fresh Start on Life With World Class Cleansing and Rejuvenation!

organic based nutrition health rejuvenation stress management juicing program
therapeutic cleansing / detox yoga and tai chi natural food prep classes meditation exercises
mindfulness techniques spa services wellness lectures weight loss
individual attention exercise classes water-only fasting fun and relaxation
Migraine Headache help at Fit for Life Retreat.


We can help alleviate Migraine headaches. Dr. Gary Douglas has over 30 years experience helping people to reduce symptoms greatly!

The Biggest Loser Program at Fit for Life Retreat.


Join us for a special weight loss program designed to help you lose weight naturally and safely using wellness fundamentals.


A debilitating disorder characterized by extreme fatigue or tiredness that doesn’t go away with rest alone — we can help you, naturally.

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