Dear treasured graduate of Main Street Vegan Academy ~


For the past 8 years, we’ve conducted this wonderful program out of a New York City apartment. They said it couldn’t be done, but we’ve done it. As I write this, we’re about to have our 28th class and, interestingly enough, we have graduates from 28 countries – six continents – all out there carrying this incredible message in their unique ways.

And now we’re going to do something grand: have a Master Class that’s not in my apartment, but rather in a beautiful Wyndham Hotel, right on the beach in Deerfield Beach, Florida. This is happening April 1-5, 2020, to coincide (well, nearly) with my 70th birthday. Please come, celebrate with me, get your advanced certification (MVLCE), and if you’re already a Master Level coach, we’ll figure out some way to certify you at a higher level yet.

As with our two previous Master Classes, this one will focus not on the general topics you needed to qualify as a VLCE. In this course, we’ll go into a deeper and more detailed exploration of issues of interest to vegan educators, look into some of the more controversial issues we need to keep abreast of, and take a deeper dive into the business side of being a coach, educator, entrepreneur, or all of the above.


Among speakers currently confirmed for this stunning Master Class are:


Ellen Jaffe-Jones, author of Eat Vegan on $4 a Day, and nationally ranked Masters Level sprinter – just 2 seconds off the U.S. record in her event

Ellen Kanner, “the mindful vegan,” author of Feeding the Hungry Ghost, and longtime Meatless Monday columnist for the Huffington Post

Alex Pacheco, cofounder of Peta, and current director of 600 Million Dogs, dedicated to eradicating the tragedy of the 600 million strays around the globe through safe and effective birth control kibble

Stephanie Redcross, the biz wiz from Vegan Mainstream, returning with her revenue-boosting know-how about Branding and Digital Marketing

Frank Sabatino, DC, PhD, returning with his highly accessible and truly entertaining presentations on nutritional biochemistry (yep, “entertaining” and “chemistry” in the same sentence – not a typo)

And us! Graduates who enroll for the course can also apply to teach a class or be part of a panel – you come up with topics you think fellow grads could use. Signup as a student, and you’ll be paid the honorarium all presenters receive.


I also want to clarify about Balance for Life and who these good people are. Their program, based at the Wyndham where we’ll have our Master Class, has two parts. First, they’re a health center offering water fasting, juice breaks, and healthy-living getaways and education for individuals. Dr. Sabatino is the medical director. The other arm of Balance for Life is to host retreats and other events for vegan and plant-based organizations. They’ve worked with bodybuilder Robert Cheeke, Peta, Animal Hero Kids, the National Health Association, and many other friends of ours, and now with Main Street Vegan Academy. I’ve been to Balance for Life. I’ve worked with these people. I can vouch for their integrity and their commitment.

Because Balance for Life is headquartered here and we’re working with them, we’ll have access to their fitness and spa services, and the kitchen staff is already familiar with cooking without animal products. True, the Balance for Life standard menu is free of sugar, oil, and salt, not the way some of you want to eat, especially not on vacation. Please know that they are aware of our group, that some of you are whole food plant based/SOS and you will be accommodated, and that some of you are of the gourmet vegan persuasion: you’ll be accommodated, too. I promise salt on every table and coffee at every meal. Now I sound like a politician, but I’m good to my word.

OMG, I hope you can all come. With more than 9 months to plan, it’s my fondest wish that this will be a huge reunion that will spur all of us further on as we create a vegan world. Details follow. We’ve kept the price rock-bottom, and I think that you’ll find that this all-inclusive experience may actually cost less than your original MSVA class. You’ll save $300 off the regular pricing by enrolling before November 1, and if you share a room with a fellow student, you can save an additional $200. Or if your significant other, or an adult child, wants to come along for the vacation part, he or she can share your room and join us for three meals a day plus the evening presentations – that includes my birthday party! — for the very low cost of $995 for the full five days.


‘Love you guys so much –


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