26 10, 2017

Change Your Life Change Your Genes

2017-10-26T10:52:25+00:00 October 26th, 2017|

Change Your Life, Change Your Genes The Epigenetic Benefits of a Hygienic Lifestyle Genes are the functional units of heredity comprised of spiraling sequences of DNA. According to the Human Genome Project, there are 20-25,000 genes contained in the chromosomes of every cell in the human body. Genes provide the blueprint that transcribes all the [...]

26 09, 2017

Water Fasting’s Health Benefits Revealed

2017-09-26T13:19:09+00:00 September 26th, 2017|

By Stephen Harrod Buhner (edited for brevity) Fasting is an exceptionally ancient, and powerful, approach to healing many common disease conditions. It allows the body to rest, detoxify, and to heal. During fasting the body moves into the same kind of detoxification cycle that it normally enters during sleep. It uses its energy [...]

13 09, 2017

The Importance of Living Healthy as We Age

2017-09-13T11:38:26+00:00 September 13th, 2017|

Experts believe that the main cause of these diseases is unhealthy eating. And this is only one group of diseases. In fact, up to 90% of diseases are directly related to bad eating. It reduces human life by 2-3 times - all the while a constant struggle with various chronic illnesses is pervasive. Collectively, cardiovascular [...]

4 09, 2017

Reasons to Visit a Destination Wellness Program

2017-09-04T13:52:16+00:00 September 4th, 2017|

Exercises, healthy food, relaxing and good sleep are the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle and can be experienced at a wellness destination resort and spa. You can even carry the new habits you learned back home with you. The statement above most of us have heard on more than one occasion. Sure, that is great, [...]

23 06, 2017

What Will a Balance for Life Retreat Do for You?

2017-08-25T13:27:00+00:00 June 23rd, 2017|

A New Start When you enter the ocean side Wyndham Deerfield Resort where our program is held, you get a sense of excitement about a new environment, new skills to learn, new people, even if you have been to a health spa before. What you will notice over your stay is how easy and comfortable [...]

11 06, 2017

The Weight Management Program

2017-09-26T13:24:15+00:00 June 11th, 2017|

As we are gearing up for opening this summer, we often get questions about the Balance for Life 'Weight Management Program.' This is the Balance for Life Retreat Premiere Program! It is all-encompassing holistic health and wellness weight loss program specializing in body & mind integration and dedicated to helping each participant achieve their goals. [...]

4 06, 2017

Excited to Soon Open

2017-08-25T13:25:45+00:00 June 4th, 2017|

Opening Fall 2017! We are very excited about the opening of Balance for Life Retreat opening at the Wyndham Deerfield Resort in Deerfield Beach, Florida! The Balance for Life Program is actually a metamorphosis of the original Fit for Life Program that was on AIA between Atlantic Avenue and Commercial (this fact will be especially [...]